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Monday, June 2, 2014

Keys To Beauty Boxes are Ready!!!!!!

Get 6 amazing foot care products made from Secret Garden Bath & Boutique. There are three great boxes to pick from. See first hand how all natural feels. 
$25.00 a box
You will receive:
2 oz foot scrub, 2 oz Heal My Heels, 3.5  Fizzy Foot Soak ,  1.5 Foot soak Seltzer tablet,
1.5 oz Beautiful Heels Solid Lotion Bar, 2 oz Massage oil


Healing Foot Box                                     Relaxing Foot Box                                     Maintaining Foot Box

Go to:
To order your box today

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Beauty Box Club...Coming this Summer

Secret Garden Bath & Boutique LLC is now offering
Keys To Beauty
A Beauty Box Club that will ship out Four Boxes a year.

   Starting this Summer in July: Silky Smooth Summer, a box dedicate to making your feet perfect for Summer. A scrub, heal my heels cream, a powder soak, a re-energizing soak tablet, a massage oil and asolid lotion bar. 
$25.00 a box

You can keep up with the Beauty Box Club on Facebook

All of my products are made naturally, by me.
I reasearch and find the best ingredients to help bring you the best results. 

You can always contact me with questions, concerns or special needs @

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Change is Good.

       I have been researching my face care ingredients for three years. When I first staring making face scrubs, I went with what other business were using. Brown Sugar and Honey was everywhere, so I created my Lavender~Honey Face scrub. I had just opened my doors and all I really knew was that Lavender and Honey were good for our skin.

        One year into my business, I started to learn more about ingredients and what they did to our skin. I started using Tea tree oil, Juniper oil and Witch Hazel. Even though these are very good ingredients, I was still following the path that all other natural products were taking. I think that venturing out on my own and finding better ingredients to use, even if they weren't being used by other companies, became very important to me.  I also started  to create my face care products different then the normal  path that other small natural business were taking.
      I took a few clues from the retail world and began to mix my ingredients in a completely different way.
I started to research ingredients and learn about the affects that they would have on our skin, especially our face.
     Orange Butter became an ingredient that I was very interested in. Orange butter, which is created from Orange Rind Oil, Orange wax oil and Sweet Almond oil  is a cold pressed oil that is refined. This oil contains high levels of Limonene, which has been found to be a highly effective free radical scavenger. Because of this, Orange Butter will tone and cleanse our skin, improve oily skin and help issues caused by acne prone skin. It also holds anti-cellulite and anti-inflammatory benefits for our skin.
   Now,  I am a big fan of Shea Butter, but when you read all that orange butter can do, it just made since to use it in my scrubs, face creams and under eye cream. This is why I use Neroli Essential oil as well. It comes from the Orange flower, the white ones that form before an orange grows. It is a sweet smelling oil, relaxing for our muscles and brain, calming for our heart and very therapeutic. Yet it is wonderful for our skin as well. It helps prevent scars and reduces stretch marks, plus it will help our skin rejuvenate and regenerate.

     It is known for its relaxing properties, relieving anxiety, depression, fear, shock, and stress. It can help with insomnia and even calm heart palpitations. But it was the "regenerating skin cells" benefit that most impressed me. This is why you see Neroli in every one of my face care products. Why would we not want to use something on our face that was safe, natural and created with these amazing properties? It just makes since to take care of our face with the best ingredients possible.
    Now I have to say that the idea of using Castor Seed oil on our faces scared even me. It is a thick, sticky oil, in my opinion.  Not at all what you would consider using on your face. But when I started researching natural oils and their properties, I was pretty shocked to find out that Castor Seed oil was a "Dirt Magnet". Castor seed oil is amazing for our skin. It contains properties that dissolve cystic acne, helps moisturize and reduces wrinkles.
   The ingredients I am using today are no longer a trend from other business. They are from me researching and finding the ingredients that will work the best for the product that I am creating. If you are going to spend your hard earned money on my products, then I am going to do everything in my power to make them work.

I have 7 product as of today for your face, all of which have over gone changes in the last three years. But Change is Good when it comes from continuous learning, and the need to make for improvement.   It isn't enough to make a good product, it has to work and be worth the purchase. You have to want to use it more then once, you have to love it enough to buy it again. It also needs to be safe, effective and as natural as I can get it. These are the things that are important to me when I create a product. 
I hope you will try my face care product, for yourself, for your teens or suggest them to a friend. 

You can find my products on Etsy 
I also offer FREE Facial Spa parties locally in Colorado. 


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Recycled Treasures

Secret Garden Bath & Boutique is making Bird Feeders, Bird Houses and Bird Baths from recycled Treasures. The creative process has been so wonderful and exciting, and I have to say, even though I am so happy they are selling, I miss them when I send them off. 
Stop by my Etsy store and see if any spark some love for nature in your heart. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Line 2014...Amazing new scents and soft pastels.

Stop by My In~Home Showroom @
1176 S, Cathay St Aurora, Co. 
or @

Monday, April 14, 2014

Men's Needs are on the Rise

     I am excited to see my Natural Men's Line doing so well. I think that men are coming around to the idea that they too need healthy, natural and safe skin care products.


    I have four extremely important men in my life, so it only makes since that I want to make them products that are the best.  Yet even though we are all related, all four of them are very different. So that is what helped me develop my Men's Line. 

Tuxedo Line:  This is a high Class Scent, one that goes beyond the Tie and Jacket Guy. And Yes, I have a son that falls into this Line. It is a Confident, Calm scent. It also is one that is Loyal to only one or two scents, and not one that likes to bounce around the scent board.

Business Line: This Class of Men will easily like the Tuxedo Line above and the Casual Line below. These scents will range from the Calmer scents to a braver bolder scent. This is the line for the Suit and tie guy, that still likes to let go a little.  

Metro Line: Now here is a line for that likes to groom and buff himself. One that enjoys fashion at work and out on the town. This line will be more of my clean, floral and soft fruit scents. 

Casual Line: Now here is a crisp, clean line, with just a touch of Musk. It is for that on the guy. One that enjoys playing hard and kicking back after. This is another Son for me. 

Rugged Line: Now this was my first and easiest line, for this is where my husband falls. This is a line for that hard working, tough guy. The flannel wearing, out in nature kind of guy. These scents are high in Woods, Moss, ans Spices. 

Pure Naked Line: Now this is the cleanest, most natural line I have. There are NO SCENTS. It is just the Pure - Raw Ingredients. I have a son that is very sensitive to oils, scents and dyes. Even natural essential oils can cause skin irritation. So with this line I make wonderful products that are safe and non irritating. 

The Men's Line is growing and changing everyday. From Cologne, After Shave, Shaving Soap and Soap Bars. I am also making Foot Care, Under Eye Cerium's, Muscle soaks and Oils, and even Mustache Wax. 
Our Men may be tough, hard working guys, but they still need products that treat them right. That is what I am working on...making their skin healthier and and better feeling.